Difference between worship and meditation.

Do  you  know  ,  what  is the  difference  between  worship  and  meditation . There  are  various  concepts  in  various  religions . To Know  more  you  may  buy  our  book ” Mystery  of  Devinity” .

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Aspects of Spirituality .

There  are  four  aspects  of  spirituality . They  are  the  following .

  1. Religion ( Which  advocates  the  authority  of  God .)
  2. Occult (The  mystical  studies)
  3. Meditation .( Methods  to  enhance  mind  body  and  spirit)
  4. Magic .( Exploring  the spirit world )

What do you mean by Spirituality

Spirituality  is  a  vast field . we  can  find  religion, meditations, occult  and  others  in  spirituality . actualy religion is  a  restricted  field . Religion  is  related  with  God  and  devine  grace  only .

Spirituality  and  religion  both  are  separate things .  Peoples  are  confused  about  religion  and spirituality . religion  which  advocates  the  rule  of  the  god . Spirituality  advocates  the  existence  of  spirit  world .

Meaning of Religion .

Religion  means  a  way  of  living  based  on  a  perticular  faith . at  the  beginning  of  human  civilisation    there was no  any  religion . The  age  of  faith  was initiated  with  developement  of religious faiths .  Aborigine   peoples   developed  their  own  system  of religion   realising  the  events  of the  nature .

Religion  also  an  art  of  living  . But  community  developes  by  the  name  of  religion . There  are  number  of  religious  communities  all  over  the  world . peoples  like  to  accept  a  religion  to  their  choice .